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About Mike

9:07 pm Fri 18 Jan 2013

Allred Logo SignatureMIKE ALLRED

Michael Dalton Allred (aka Mike Allred, M. Dalton Allred, M. D. Allred, Allred M.D., Doc Allred, Doc, Red Allrod, Zane) is an American comic book artist.

Mike mostly writes and illustrates his own books and sometimes self publishes through his imprint AAAPop (Allred’s Atomic Art). He’s also been an artist on many titles from Marvel, DC, Image, Vertigo, Dark Horse and Oni, to name just a few.

Mike’s most iconic creation, Madman (aka Frank Einstein, Zane Townsend), has been the main body of continuing work throughout his awarded career. Other projects close to Mike’s heart are Red Rocket 7, a hi-fi sci-fi epic which also included film and music projects, and The Golden Plates, which is his adaptation of The Book of Mormon translated to the comic page.

Mike’s wife, Laura Allred, is the exceptional colourist that brings the majority of his work to life. Her colour palette combined with his pop art inspired style combine to create iconic and unmistakeable comics.

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Next Issue Project #3: Crack Comics #63

1:21 pm Sat 3 Dec 2011


Crack Comics (issue number 63) 
Mike Allred –  Variant Cover
Oct 2011 (Released 2 November 2011) / Image /  $4.99 / 48 pages

This is the great looking variant cover by Mike, for Crack Comics #63, which is the third release by the Next Issue Project. The comic is presented in a  slightly larger format than regular, current, modern age comics. It’s sized to be the same as a regular golden age comic book.

The Next Issue Project features modern creators working with characters that have become part of the public domain, in order to bring to life the next issue of a golden age comic.

Mike had also previously contributed art to a story in the first release from the Next Issue Project, which was Fantastic Comics #24.

WildCATS Animated Trading Card #4

8:34 am Sat 3 Dec 2011


WILDCATS ANIMATED (trading card number 4) 
Michael Allred – Front and Back Art
1995 / Wildstorm / 1 (of 135) cards

Front (top) and back of the card.

Mike contributed artwork for this card in the WildCATS Animated card set. Other artists featured in the set include: Kevin Nowlan, Paul Smith and Terry Moore.

WildCATS was Jim Lee’s creator owned comic book which began when he left X-Men and Marvel to co-found Image. It then became a short lived animated TV series, (which this card set is based on), and also a line of action figures.


Heroes #1

10:57 pm Sun 11 Sep 2011


HEROES (volume 1 issue number 1) 
Mike Allred with Laura Allred
December 2001 / Marvel Comics /  $3.50 / 64 pages

Mike and Laura contributed the above pin-up in this magazine sized tribute to the heroes of September 11.

The poster book also features the work of many of the comic industry’s greatest talents including Alex Ross that produced the front cover image as seen below, Joe Quesada, Neal Adams, Neil Gaimen, Joe Kubert, Stan Lee, Alan Moore, Kevin Smith, Todd McFarlane, Jim Lee and Frank Miller.

Proceeds from the sale of the book went to the Twin Towers Fund, to provide financial support to families of firefighters, police officers and other uniformed personnel who died during the attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York on the morning of September 11, 2001.

Rest in peace. -E.

Spawn Chromium Trading Card #87

4:41 pm Thu 8 Sep 2011


SPAWN CHROMIUM (trading card number 87) 
Michael Allred – Front and Back Art
1996 / Wildstorm / 1 (of 99) cards

Front and back of the card. Check out Madman’s cape made from a Twister game mat, plus his gloves haven’t been coloured blue!

Another special guest appearance by Madman on a card. This Spawn and Madman team up comes from the Spawn Chromium card set. Spawn is Todd McFarlane’s premiere character that was part of the birth of Image Comics.

There’s a few notable points about this card set. This card is only in the full regular set. (There’s an ‘archives’ version of the set, but it only contains the first 50 cards, so doesn’t include this little gem, being that it’s card #87.)

The card is titled: Spawn And Madman and it’s from the Friends Of Spawn series in the set. I’m not too sure when and how Spawn and Madman became friends, as they haven’t really appeared together in any comics! All the other ‘Friends Of Spawn’ are characters from Spawn comics.

Also this is a ‘chromium’ card. Chromium comic covers and cards were all the rage in the 90’s! The front of the card is metallic and shiny. The dark grey area is actually reflective silver. Some of Madman and Spawn’s outlines also look to have been etched which gives the artwork bit of an overall 3D look. The image stands out quite nicely!

Other notable artists that contributed to the set are Jim Lee, Bill Sienkiewicz, Adam Hughes, Tony Daniel, J. Scott Campbell, Dale Keown, Bart Sears, Greg Capullo and of coarse McFarlane.



The Maxx Trading Card #5

11:01 am Wed 7 Sep 2011


THE MAXX (trading card number 5) 
Michael Allred – Front and Back Art
1996 / Wildstorm / 1 (of 99) cards

Front and back of the card. Note the front of the card has a gold foil title logo.

Madman made a special appearance in the one card Mike illustrated for The Maxx 99 regular card set. Mike also drew a neat little self portrait on the back of the card. Other artists that contributed to the card set included Arthur Adams, Kevin Nowlan, Bruce Timm, Jim Lee, Sergio Aragones, Tim Sale, Jae Lee, Paul Smith, Eric Larsen, Terry Moore, Matt Groening, Steve Bissette and of coarse creator Sam Keith, amongst many more.

Sam Keith’s character The Maxx began life in comics and then received wider recognition as a brilliant MTV animated series.

Strangers In Paradise Trading Card #75

8:45 am Sat 3 Sep 2011


STRANGERS IN PARADISE (trading card number 75) 
Mike Allred – Front Art
1996 / Comic Images / 1 (of 90) cards

Front and back of the card.

Mike did the artwork for the front of card 75, in the Strangers in Paradise 90 card regular set. As mentioned on the back of the card, it features a surprise appearance by Madman and Joe, skinny-dipping with, creator Terry Moore’s Strangers In Paradise characters, Katchoo and Francine.

Paul Pope and David Mack were among the few other artists that did artwork for a card in the set also.