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Graphique Musique #1

5:46 pm Sat 30 Oct 2010


GRAPHIQUE MUSIQUE (issue number 1)
Written & Illustrated by M. Dalton Allred / Lettering by Laura Allred
Dec 1989 / Slave Labor Graphics / 48 pages / black and white

This has got to be one of my all time favourite front covers that Mike has produced. I really love the painted covers he was creating early on in his career. (Plus, I’m a sucker for yellow.)

Graphique Musique was Mike’s first series, which ran for three issues. (It was followed by a sequel series of sorts called Grafik Musik, but more about that in a post later on.) It features two separate stories, ‘It Was…’ and ‘Citizen Nocturne’.

‘It Was…’ runs for 16 pages and is subtitled, ‘Prologue: Birth’. M. Dalton Allred is credited as Creator, Laura Allred, Letterer. I’ve got to say, there’s some really amazing, surreal imagery in this story. Not only do we get to see the first time in print that Mike drew Adam West as Batman doing the Batusi, but also Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk! To say the least, I was ecstatic when, after years of searching, I tracked down this issue on a holiday in the U.S. about 10 years ago. An awesome, awesome little store in L.A. called Golden Apple Comics, I thank ye.

Below is a detail from 2 panels on page 10.

‘Citizen Nocturne’ runs for the remaining 32 pages of the comic and it’s subtitled, ‘Chapter One: How Soon Is Now?’ Artist, Writer, Creator is M. Dalton Allred, and again Letterer, Laura Allred. The title page also features, ‘Copyright M.D. Allred 1989’, hand lettered in the corner of the artwork.

The ‘Citizen Nocturne’ story from the 3 issues of ‘Graphique Musique’ was also collected into TPB. Check out a future post for more details.

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