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Graphique Musique #2

10:24 pm Thu 23 Dec 2010


GRAPHIQUE MUSIQUE (issue number 2)
Written and Illustrated by M. Dalton Allred / Lettered by Laura Allred
Mar 1990 / Slave Labor Graphics / 48 pages / black and white

This second issue of Graphique Musique, (or as it’s called inside the front cover in the liner notes, Graphic Musique and Graphic Music) has one of Mike’s most graphic covers.

Again, this issue features two stories, part two of Calvin Lennox’s second journey through his own lift, ‘It Was’, and a reluctant vampire is loose in Germany in the second part of ‘Citizen Nocturne’.

‘Lifehouse’ is the chapter in ‘It Was’ and again runs for 16 pages, while ‘Chapter Two: Love in Vein’ continues ‘Citizen Nocturne’ for 30 pages. Both list M. Dalton Allred as Creator, and Laura Allred as Letterer.

Below is the great looking back cover.

Check these out!

Above is a detail of the advert inside of the back cover.
Wow, I would love one of those ‘Inkheads Inc.’ t-shirts now! Very cool indeed.


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