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Image Comics San Diego Comic-Con 2010 Yearbook

8:27 pm Fri 31 Dec 2010


Madman by Mike & Laura Allred
Jul 2010 (Released 1 Dec 2010) / Image Comics / 1 page pinup (of 48)

This excellent pinup of Madman and his ray-gun is featured in this hardcover collection produced by Image Comics. It was an exclusive book that could be bought at their booth at the 2010 San Diego International Comic Convention (SDCC) for 30 (US) bucks. I guess they didn’t sell them all, so it was solicited to comic stores. Interesting to note that because it wasn’t originally intended to be sold in shops, it doesn’t have a barcode on the actual book, (it was added later on via a sticker on the plastic wrapping).

On a technical note, it looks like Mike and Laura’s image has been cropped a bit too closely on the page somehow in the production process, as the ALL RED signature is partially chopped off at the bottom, and Madman’s left boot is also trimmed slightly at the top.

Some of the other artists included in the book are: Dan Brereton, Chris Giarrusso, Joseph Michael Linsner, Jonathan Luna, Bill Morrison, Jim Valentino and Shaky Kane (whom I have just recently started to take some notice of).

Below is the front cover of the collection by Charlie Adlard.


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