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Amazing Heroes Swimsuit Special #2 (’91)

6:37 pm Mon 31 Jan 2011


Frank Einstein by Mike Allred
Spring 1991 / Fantagraphics / 1 page pinup (0f 152 pages) / black and white

The pinup is only on the bottom half of the page, as seen above.

It’s summer here in Australia, and the last 2 days have been far too hot! So it seems appropriate to feature this pinup of our favourite Snap City resident, Frank Einstein. This is from around the time Mike was producing Grafik Muzik and predates Madman. All that would come along shortly thereafter…

Mike also did a pinup featuring Madman and Joe the following year, which can be seen here.

The front cover is shown below and you can see the names of just a bunch of the huge list of artists featured inside. The cover artist is Bill Willingham.



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