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Wonder Woman Make Up

10:59 pm Fri 25 Feb 2011


Mike & Laura Allred
Feb 2011 US / Mar 2011 International / M.A.C Cosmetics / 5 images & animated trailer

Mike created 5 pieces of artwork that were used for the limited edition packaging and promotion of the Wonder Woman make-up line by MAC Cosmetics. The Spring line hit the stores for their debut in the US on Feb 10 2011 and internationally in March.



Above, is the super awesome animated trailer promoting the line.
(‘Borrowed’ from MAC Cosmetics YouTube page.)

Below are the 5 images Mike and Laura created, as were seen throughout the trailer. I love the little story that was woven to work with the artwork about ‘plain Janes’ not needing to worry anymore!
(I will update some of these images as I obtain better quality versions.)



Now, I hear you say, what about the actual make-up? Some of the product names are: Emancipation and Athena’s Kiss lip gloss, Army of Amazons and Themyscira mascara, Obey Me nail polish, and Spinning Transformation eyeshadow! Check out some promo shots of the line.
(Some of the info and images from this post are ‘borrowed’ from Mike Allred’s blog here, Bleeding Cool here and Temptalia.)



Now here comes an unexpected twist to this little story, or also know as, ‘How an avid Allred collector come about buying some make-up one Thursday evening!’ I found out through a bit of detective work that there was an actual MAC Cosmetics store here in Melbourne, and they happened to be having a preview night for the launch of the Wonder Woman line. I thought I’d go and check it out, not expecting much. Maybe some of Mike’s art would be on a poster or the packaging, but I wasn’t too sure or certain. Boy am I glad I checked it out! It was an amazing an unexpected experience, almost like going to some sort of ‘Allred-Disney-Land’ as you can see from the photos below.


Hope you enjoy these images! I had a ball on this adventure!



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