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iZombie #11

2:59 pm Fri 25 Mar 2011


I, ZOMBIE (issue number 11)
Michael Allred – Artist and Cover / Laura Allred – Colors
May 2011 (Released 9 Mar 2011) / Vertigo / 20 (of 32) pages

The chapter of this issue is titled: Bargaining.

The story featured the characters in a comic shop. Gwen purchased an issue of ‘Harriet The Happy Ghost’, as seen in the panels below, from pages 17 and 18.

Mike produced a mock front cover for ‘Harriet The Happy Ghost‘ (shown below), which he posted on his blog, ‘Allred Art‘.

Image ‘borrowed’ from Mike Allred’s ‘Allred Art’ blog.



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  1. 8:28 am Sun 27 Mar 2011 8:28 am

    I love your attention to detail and the throw back styling of the dot matrix shading Mike. I’m waiting on my local shop to get in issues 8, 9, and 11. I must lie in wait like a zombie ninja.

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