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About Mike

9:07 pm Fri 18 Jan 2013

Allred Logo SignatureMIKE ALLRED

Michael Dalton Allred (aka Mike Allred, M. Dalton Allred, M. D. Allred, Allred M.D., Doc Allred, Doc, Red Allrod, Zane) is an American comic book artist.

Mike mostly writes and illustrates his own books and sometimes self publishes through his imprint AAAPop (Allred’s Atomic Art). He’s also been an artist on many titles from Marvel, DC, Image, Vertigo, Dark Horse and Oni, to name just a few.

Mike’s most iconic creation, Madman (aka Frank Einstein, Zane Townsend), has been the main body of continuing work throughout his awarded career. Other projects close to Mike’s heart are Red Rocket 7, a hi-fi sci-fi epic which also included film and music projects, and The Golden Plates, which is his adaptation of The Book of Mormon translated to the comic page.

Mike’s wife, Laura Allred, is the exceptional colourist that brings the majority of his work to life. Her colour palette combined with his pop art inspired style combine to create iconic and unmistakeable comics.

Check out these official websites for more info about Mike…



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