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Captain Sternn: Running Out Of Time #4

11:42 am Wed 29 Jun 2011


Michael Allred –  Inside Front Cover
May 1994 / Kitchen Sink /  $4.95 / 48 pages

This fun x-ray image of Madman is featured inside the front cover of the fourth issue (of the five issue mini series) Captain Sternn: Running Out Of Time. It’s a great piece of Madman artwork that signifies the end of Madman’s early era in comics. Mike had finished both Madman mini series by this stage and had just begun the next chapter with Madman’s first regular ongoing series, Madman Comics. This page is an advertisement for the (then new) Madman releases by Kitchen Sink. They are, Madman: The Oddity Odyssey (2nd print as pictured), Madman Adventures Volume 1 and Madman Adventures #3.

Below is the front cover of the issue, with artwork by Bernie Wrightson.


Glamourpuss #19

8:17 pm Wed 8 Jun 2011


GLAMOURPUSS (issue number 19) 
Michael Allred –  Cover
May 2011 (Released 8 June 2011) / Aardvark-Vanaheim /  $3.00 / 28 pages

 I just love this brilliant, brilliant cover Mike did for Dave Sim’s Glamourpuss, featuring Lush Lass. (Dave, of course, is best known for the iconic 300 issue run of his independent opus, Cerebus.) Probably the main reason I love Mike’s work is because of his skilful brush work, which is clearly evident in this image. Also, you gotta love that the cover is ALL RED!

Below is another image Mike contributed, as seen on the inside of the front cover.
As mentioned in the tag line: Lush Lass relaxing in her legendary Martini Glass of Solitude.

Fractured Fables

8:42 pm Sat 7 May 2011


Fractured Fables (Free Comic Book Day Edition) 
Cover Illustrated by Michael Allred / Colored by Laura Allred
May 2010 (Released 1 May 2010) / Image / Front Cover  (of 32 page comic)

Fractured Fables (Hard Cover) 
Illustration by Michael Allred / Colors by Laura Allred
July 2010 / Image / Front cover & 1 page pinup (of 164 page) hard cover

Above is the cover to the Free Comic Book Day Edition comic, while below is the cover to the full hard cover collection. I really dig that kid friendly logo!

In honour of ‘Free Comic Book Day‘ today, I thought I would cast back to Mike’s contribution for 2010’s event. Mike illustrated the front cover image for Fractured Fables (Free Comic Book Day Edition). The comic was available for free on the first Saturday of May in 2010. Each year this day has become known as ‘Free Comic Book Day’.

The Fractured Fables (Free Comic Book Day Edition) was a preview comic featuring a selection of five short stories that were about to be released in the full hard cover version of Fractured Fables. The hard cover collection was released a couple of months later in July. The full collection also featured the works of  Terry Moore, Jim Valentino, Whilce Portacio, Bill Morrison, Scott Morse, Peter David and Ted McKeever.

Mike and Laura’s illustration also credits that it was from a sketch by Jim Valentino, as can be seen below the Allred M. D. signature, ‘after Valentino’.

Can you name all of the fables shown in the artwork?

I can see 12, but can name only 10! It looks like there’s Rapunzel, Mother Goose, Pinocchio, Jack And The Beanstalk, Old Mother Hubbard, Three Blind Mice, Little Miss Muffet, Little Red Riding Hood, The Little Mermaid and The Frog Prince. Who are the guys in the bathtub, and why is the landscape made of some massive spaghetti and meatballs?

Below is the full unadorned artwork featured as a pinup towards the back of the hard cover book.

Just a little footnote to add regarding Fractured Fables. As can be seen stamped on the cover of the Free Comic Book Day Edition, I grabbed my copy from my LCS Alternate Worlds. An awesome long standing store, chock full of a massive range of back issues and new releases that aren’t only mainstream, as well as being staffed by one of the greatest ‘comic book guys’, Larry. Anyway tomorrow, after this years Free comic Book Day, the store will be ‘relocating’ and unexpectedly be closing up shop as we know it. It’s a sad day for all the wonderful staff there. I visited the store a couple of days ago, for what will basically be the last time, which included a final purchase, the Fractured Fables hard cover featured here, plus a few other Allred items.

Yo Gabba Gabba! Comic Book Time! Volume 1

5:06 pm Fri 22 Apr 2011


Yo Gabba Gabba! Comic Book Time! (Volume 1) 
Art by Michael Allred / Colors by Han Allred
February 2011 (Released 16 Mar 2011) / Oni Press / 8 (of 132) pages / Hard Cover

Yo Gabba Gabba! Comic Book Time! is a great hard cover collection of stories featuring the work of Mike Allred, Jamie S. Rich, J. Bone, Evan Dorkin, plus many others. It’s based on the über cool children’s TV show Yo Gabba Gabba! Get a taste for the show here, you never know, you may get hooked too!

There are a few points that make this gem of work stand out in my mind. Mike’s long time friend, often editor and sometime collaborator, Jamie, S. Rich wrote the great little 8 page story featuring robots and aliens from outer space that Mike did the art for. Also, this story marks one of the few times that Laura hasn’t coloured Mike’s artwork, instead the task was handled by his son Han. Han has previously coloured one or two other jobs for Mike in the past, and has followed Laura’s footsteps successfully with his vibrant colouring. The images really leap off the page in this fun story. Another special touch to note is that Mike did all the lettering himself, which adds a reminder back to the early days of his career when he and Laura previously did it.

Jamie is also the moderator extraordinaire on Mike’s official Pop Culture Forum.

Above is the second page from the story titled: Sticking Together, and below is the front cover of the book.

iZombie #11

2:59 pm Fri 25 Mar 2011


I, ZOMBIE (issue number 11)
Michael Allred – Artist and Cover / Laura Allred – Colors
May 2011 (Released 9 Mar 2011) / Vertigo / 20 (of 32) pages

The chapter of this issue is titled: Bargaining.

The story featured the characters in a comic shop. Gwen purchased an issue of ‘Harriet The Happy Ghost’, as seen in the panels below, from pages 17 and 18.

Mike produced a mock front cover for ‘Harriet The Happy Ghost‘ (shown below), which he posted on his blog, ‘Allred Art‘.

Image ‘borrowed’ from Mike Allred’s ‘Allred Art’ blog.



iZombie #10

5:46 pm Wed 9 Mar 2011


I, ZOMBIE (issue number 10)
Michael Allred – Artist and Cover / Laura Allred – Colors
Apr 2011 (Released 2 Feb 2011) / Vertigo / 20 (of 32) pages

Another one of Mike’s amazing front covers of late. He seems to be getting better and better each month at the moment. This story is titled: Next of Kin.

Mike drew inspiration for the striking image on the front cover from an iconic 1926 photograph by Rudolf Koppitz titled: Bewegungsstudie (Motion Study), as seen below.

Image ‘borrowed’ from Wikipedia.


Wonder Woman Make Up

10:59 pm Fri 25 Feb 2011


Mike & Laura Allred
Feb 2011 US / Mar 2011 International / M.A.C Cosmetics / 5 images & animated trailer

Mike created 5 pieces of artwork that were used for the limited edition packaging and promotion of the Wonder Woman make-up line by MAC Cosmetics. The Spring line hit the stores for their debut in the US on Feb 10 2011 and internationally in March.



Above, is the super awesome animated trailer promoting the line.
(‘Borrowed’ from MAC Cosmetics YouTube page.)

Below are the 5 images Mike and Laura created, as were seen throughout the trailer. I love the little story that was woven to work with the artwork about ‘plain Janes’ not needing to worry anymore!
(I will update some of these images as I obtain better quality versions.)



Now, I hear you say, what about the actual make-up? Some of the product names are: Emancipation and Athena’s Kiss lip gloss, Army of Amazons and Themyscira mascara, Obey Me nail polish, and Spinning Transformation eyeshadow! Check out some promo shots of the line.
(Some of the info and images from this post are ‘borrowed’ from Mike Allred’s blog here, Bleeding Cool here and Temptalia.)



Now here comes an unexpected twist to this little story, or also know as, ‘How an avid Allred collector come about buying some make-up one Thursday evening!’ I found out through a bit of detective work that there was an actual MAC Cosmetics store here in Melbourne, and they happened to be having a preview night for the launch of the Wonder Woman line. I thought I’d go and check it out, not expecting much. Maybe some of Mike’s art would be on a poster or the packaging, but I wasn’t too sure or certain. Boy am I glad I checked it out! It was an amazing an unexpected experience, almost like going to some sort of ‘Allred-Disney-Land’ as you can see from the photos below.


Hope you enjoy these images! I had a ball on this adventure!